Is your medicine cabinet full of wrinkle creams and anti-aging serums that just don’t work? If you are ready to see results, try laser skin resurfacing! The Smartskin+ uses C02 fractional laser technology to effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and enlarged pores without causing major side effects.

How Do Laser Anti-Aging Treatments Work?

The Smartskin uses powerful fractional C02 laser technology to target prominent lines and deep-set wrinkles and improve your skin’s appearance. The high-powered laser energy creates new skin cells that will naturally improve your skin texture. Smartskin laser anti-aging treatment does not permanently damage your skin, delivering impressive results with little downtime. Smartskin’s revolutionary laser anti-aging technology is fully customizable and safe for all skin types.

What To Expect During Laser Skin Resurfacing

Smartskin laser wrinkle reduction procedures are fast, with full face treatments lasting about 15-30 minutes. Some patients prefer to have one aggressive treatment that requires more recovery time, but patients can also choose to undergo multiple treatments that are less intense. The side effects typically include a sunburn-like sensation and some minor swelling. In the next few days, your side effects will resolve and results will begin to appear. Following a good skin care routine can help your results last.

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