Boost Your Self-Esteem by Removing Stubborn Fat

If you’re like most people, those flat belly diets, weird tricks, supplements, and hours at the gym just don’t work. You might be fighting a little extra fat on your tummy, hips, thighs, and backside and it’s getting you down. It’s important to stay positive and motivated about your body and shedding those unwanted pounds. At Marta’s MediSpa we’re here to help. Our non-invasive SculpSure treatments are perfect for you if you have a pesky bulge you just can’t get rid of. A [...]

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SculpSure—not just for Tummies

Our SculpSure treatments are great if you want to lose those stubborn love handles, back fat, or excess fat on your abdomen. It's fast, easy, and effective. But many times our clients don’t realize we also offer SculpSure treatments for your chin, arms, back, or thighs. If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of a double chin for a tighter jawline, SculpSure Neck is for you. At Marta's MediSpa, our SculpSure Neck treatment is a non-invasive procedure which takes less than 30 minutes allows [...]

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Why the PicoSure Facial is Right for You

The calendar has turned to another month. Winter has ended. And you’re noticing your skin doesn’t have the youthful glow it once did. You’ve tried creams, masks, and other treatments and they just haven’t produced the results you’re looking for. You might be the perfect candidate for a PicoSure Facial. Here at Marta’s Medispa, we regularly work with patients to help them reduce the signs of ages and transform their face. Here’s why a PicoSure Facial might be right for you: It reduces [...]

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What Mole Removal Option is Right for You

Moles and skin tags can come in different shapes, sizes and colors, with some being present at birth or others appearing over the years. Removal surgery is chosen by many people each year for their safe removal.   Dr. Marta offers four different options.   EXCISION WITH STITCHES This treatment requires the area to be cleaned thoroughly and then numbed. The mole or skin tag is cut out with a small border around it and the wound is closed with stitches.   ESKATA [...]

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Tattoo Removal—What to expect from PicoSure

Dr. Marta specializes in helping you get rid of that pesky, bad tattoo you once thought was a good idea using a PicoSure laser.   PicoSure works 100 times quicker than older, outdated laser removal systems and removes tattoos in a safer and faster way.   Here’s what you can expect if you’re looking to schedule an appointment:   The size and color of your tattoo will determine the number of PicoSure sessions needed to remove it Sessions are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart [...]

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How to optimize your results post treatment

Congratulations; you’ve done it! Your SculpSure treatment is done, your lines are tight, and you’re thrilled with the results. Now what?   As you know by now, SculpSure is clinically proven to eliminate fat. Here’s what you can do to help the process along.   Eat well—a healthy diet will make you feel better and help keep that pesky fat off. Eating well also includes drinking water (lots of it; 6-8 glasses every day!) Light exercise a few times each week will help [...]

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Myth Busters—why SculpSure is the right choice for you!

What is SculpSure? Is it for me? Is it safe? Here's everything you need to know about this fat burning treatment which may be the right choice for you. It’s FDA-approved It’s non-invasive which means you can return to your daily routine right away Laser sessions vary between heating and cooling to increases your comfort It’s highly customizable and can be used to remove that stubborn fat from your neck, thighs, chin, back, or stomach! If exercise and diets haven’t worked, SculpSure can [...]

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New Year, New You; Feel Your Best with this Fat Reducing Treatment

The year is 2019 and you deserve to feel like the best version of you! Anything that was holding you back in 2018 is now in the past and it's time to move forward! Are you still feeling like the old you though?Have you tried exercising and eating healthy, but can’t seem to lose stubborn love handles, back fat, or excess fat on your abdomen? We get it but you don’t have to feel like that anymore!Now, there is an FDA-cleared laser body [...]

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5 Reasons SculpSure Will Benefit You!

Have you been wanting to get rid of stubborn chin fat, aka that double chin? There are many treatment options to reduce neck fat and FDA approved SculpSure Neck is a new a non-invasive option that Dr. Recasens can recommend based on your individual needs. Laser neck fat reduction is ideal for those who have excess fat around the jawline that is resistant to regular diet and exercise. SculpSure will benefit you in more ways than one. It’s time to start feeling your [...]

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The Benefits of Laser Treatments

More Visible Results, Longer Lasting and Quick Treatments Who doesn’t want to keep their skin soft, glowing and young looking? While moisturizers, sunscreens, and other skin products are common safeguards, sometimes those safeguards just aren't enough and your skin color, texture, and quality are compromised. Lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking can also take a toll on your skin over time. Laser treatments have tons of benefits and can leave your skin with long lasting, gorgeous results! TempSure Envi Treatments These treatments are [...]

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