What to Expect from The BELOTERO BALANCE® Treatment

Mar 01, 2022

Are you sick and tired of being too self-conscious about your appearance? In the 21st century, people are more alert about their aesthetic appearance than ever before. It can make you very self-conscious, especially if you start developing wrinkles way too early. Thankfully, many cosmetic procedures and treatments are available to transform your facial appearance. The even better news is that you do not need surgery to change your appearance. With the right treatments like BELOTERO BALANCE® dermal fillers, you can achieve your desired aesthetic appearance without incurring any scars on your face.


It is a skin treatment that involves using dermal fillers to improve the appearance of your face. BELOTERO BALANCE Treatment in a medical spa in Glendale generally tries to overcome the natural process of aging that leads to reduced support structures. It means that many of the beneficiaries of the treatments are older adults looking to maintain their youthful appeal.

What Does the Treatment Entail?

The anti-aging procedure focuses on re-introducing lost hyaluronic acid (HA) in your skin that diminishes as you advance in age. The acid plays a significant role in the support of your facial framework, especially regarding the firmness of the skin tissue. A technician in Sculpsure in Glendale will inject a filler containing the hyaluronic acid in your dermal layers to counter any wrinkling and lost elasticity in your face. Once in your face, the HA will smoothen out the wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a soft and even finish.

When Is BELOTERO BALANCE Treatment Used?

While BELOTERO BALANCE treatment is quite similar to other dermal fillers in cosmetic healthcare, it has unique properties that make it effective for deep treatments. Ideally, your technician will recommend BELOTERO BALANCE treatment on areas of your face to handle problems like:

  • Vertical lines above the lip line
  • Wrinkles – removing both mild and severe wrinkles on any part of your face.
  • Smile lines around your mouth – especially around the corners of your mouth that may make you appear to be frowning at all times.
  • Nasolabial folds – are the fine lines that run right from the corners of the nose to your mouth.

Why Choose BELOTERO BALANCE Dermal Filler?

One of the concerns you will encounter when seeking cosmetic solutions for your face regards choosing between different treatments. Thanks to innovation and technology in cosmetology, many treatment protocols can help transform your appearance. Some are more invasive than others. The goal should be to find a treatment that helps you achieve your desired goals while preserving your facial features for a natural-looking outcome. If spoilt of choice, here are some reasons why you should choose BELOTERO BALANCE treatment:

  • Instant results – while your appearance will get better with time, you should notice immediate improvements in your appearance while you are still in our offices at Dr. Marta Recasens’ MediSpa.
  • Even and smooth results – after your treatment, your face will not appear to have lumps and bumps causing unevenness.
  • Fosters natural correction – the hydraulic acid mimics the natural one that your body produces. Thus, the procedure integrates with your dermal system to promote the natural correction of facial flaws.
  • No scars on your face – the dermal filler makes its way into your dermis through a very thin needle that will not cause major scarring on your face.
  • Versatility – the BELOTERO BALANCE dermal filler has unique components that make it strong enough for deep facial treatments. Instead of using different treatments for your forehead and corners of the mouth, for instance, your technicians can use this same dermal filler to achieve evenness throughout your face.
  • Prolonged results – with most dermal fillers, the effects wear off after about three months. Aside from the thrill of instant results, BELOTERO BALANCE dermal filler is different from other fillers as it lasts longer. Many patients say that the effects last longer than six months.
  • Little to no downtime – since surgery is not involved in BELOTERO BALANCE treatment, you will not require any downtime that will disrupt your life routines.

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