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What to Do About Skin Tag and Mole Removal in Glendale, CA

Jul 15, 2019

If you’re aware of an unsightly mole or skin tag on your skin and wonder whether or not other people have noticed it, chances are they have. So, what can you do to have these types of skin growths removed? You’ll find some answers here!

You Have a Choice When It Comes to Mole and Skin Tag Removal

One of the most cost-effective and efficient methods to remove moles and skin tags is with the professional assistance of a MediSpa near you or a MediSpa in Glendale, CA. The professionals on staff, such as Dr. Recansens at her eponymous MediSpa, will be able to provide several options for their removal. These options include:

LASER MOLE REMOVAL: An intense beam of light is used to heat the cells forming the mole until they begin to break down. The cells are reabsorbed into the body. This treatment is fast and effective with minimal chance of scarring as there is no cutting involved.

ESKATA TOPICAL SOLUTION: ESKATA is the first and only FDA-approved topical solution for mole removal. ESKATA is a quick, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure which can be used to remove moles. After treatment, there are no bandages, and you can return to your daily life. In many cases, two sessions are required for optimal treatment.

EXCISION WITH CAUTERIZATION: This option begins with the area being cleaned thoroughly and numbed. The mole is shaved with a scalpel. The shaven area is burned with an electrical device to stop the bleeding. An antibiotic cream, gel, or solution is applied to the area, and a bandage is used to cover the area.

EXCISION WITH STITCHES: This treatment requires the area to be cleaned thoroughly and then numbed. The mole or skin tag is cut out with a small border around it, and the wound is closed with stitches.

Unsure which one will work best for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Marta to learn more. And if you’re wondering whether or not you can treat skin tags and moles with at-home products, please keep reading to get some important information.

Do Over-the-Counter Mole and Skin Tag Removers Work?

Unfortunately, there is nothing as efficient and cost-effective as professional mole and skin tag removal in Glendale, CA. True, there are products available on the shelves and online. But the bottom line is that while they “might” have some benefit in the removal of the unwanted skin, it can take multiple product purchases and multiple months to even begin seeing results. Moles and skin tags can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, with some being present at birth or others appearing over the years. With such a variety, there is no one-product-works-for-all.

The Bottom Line on Fast and Affordable Mole Removal Treatment from a MediSpa Near You

Are you located in the Glendale, CA, area and are interested in fast, safe, and professional mole and skin tag removal services? With over 37 years of experience, Dr. Marta Recansens is currently accepting new patients in her eponymous Dr. Marta Recansens’ MediSpa. Make an appointment today!

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