Belotero Treatment for Reducing Facial Lines

The Use of Belotero Treatment for Reducing Facial Lines

Sep 01, 2019

We all fear aging and all the problems that come with it. Don’t we? But it is also true that we cannot look young and flawless forever. As we start aging our skin also starts aging. We start seeing fine lines, scars and wrinkles on our skin. We start noticing fine lines around our eyes, lips and forehead, skin starts sagging.

There are many cosmetic and other natural and medical solutions to these problems such as Botox and other cosmetic surgeries. One such well-known solution is Belotero Treatment. Belotero Balance is an injectable gel that is used in the treatment. It gently smoothens the lines and plumps up the folded areas of your skin. At Marta Recansen’s MediSpa, you can get the best boletero treatment in Glendale. The experts here will help in reducing the stubborn fine lines on your face with this boletero treatment for skin.

What is Belotero Treatment?

Belotero is a skin filler having a hyaluronic base. It is injected into the skin to plump the loosened areas of your skin. There are different belotero products that are used for treating different types of fine lines. Belotero volume is used for plumping up the skin on the lips, nose, and cheeks. Belotero Soft is used on extremely fine lines on your skin.

Cost for Belotero Treatment:

The cost of each Belotero Treatment depends on several factors including:

  • The Belotero product used for treatment
  • Intensity of the skin problem
  • Total number of treatment sessions done
  • Reputation, skill and fees of specialist
  • Reputation and fees of the treatment center

Targeted Skin Areas:

Belotero has been approved by the FDA to be useful for correcting moderate to severe fine lines on skin. The main focus of this treatment is the correction of fine lines on certain specific skin areas, including:

  • Plumping up and smoothening of lips and its surrounding skin areas
  • Under-eye treatment and removal of fines lines beneath the eyes
  • Treatment of nasolabial folds, i.e., smile lines extending from nose to each corner of the mouth
  • Filling lines around chin, nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Contouring of jawline and cheeks

Advantages of Boletero Treatment over others:

  • Safe and Natural: It is FDA approved. Therefore, it is generally safe. Also, Belotero is made with a natural ingredient named hyaluronic gel. It also encourages the body to create more collagen so that the visible fine lines on your skin could be reduced easily.
  • Fast Treatment and Recovery: The treatment takes very little time. It will not take even a full day for you to get treated. The recovery process is also very fast. Even if any side effect is caused, it goes away by itself in less than 7 days.

Risks and Side effects:

Belotero Treatment is generally safe and it does not lead to any significant risk or side effects. Even if there are any side effects, you can get away with them very easily.

Some of the most common side effects of Belotero Treatment are:

  • Swelling and a little bit of bruising around the area where it is injected.
  • It also sometimes leads to redness and tenderness in the particular area.
  • Discoloration and hardening around the affected skin area.
  • Dry lips and numbness of the skin.
  • In very rare cases, it might also lead to permanent scars.
  • Stroke and blindness are also possible in very rare cases.

These side effects and other risks associated with Belotero treatment can only be seen in cases where the treatment is not done properly. When a poor technique is used or when the specialist is not well-trained and experienced, such problems might occur. In order to avoid such side effects, it is always advised to visit a reputed and experienced dermatologist or specialist in the field of this treatment.

To save your skin from such side effects and risks, visit Marta Recansen’s MediSpa. Also, if you are beginning to see certain changes in your skin such as the development of age scars and fine lines, contact them. The experienced and well-trained of professionals will help you get rid of your problems. This medispa in Glendale, CA is well-known for providing the best belotero balance treatment in Glendale.

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