SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting

Feb 23, 2018

There are many non-surgical treatment options available to reduce the appearance of a double chin. How do you choose which treatment is right for you? While there are many methods to reduce submental fat, not all were created equal. Today we’re comparing SculpSure and CoolSculpting, two non-invasive fat reduction treatments that can be used to reduce double chins.

How Do They Match Up?

  • TIME: SculpSure has four applicators and takes just 25 minutes, while CoolSculpting only has one applicator and can take up to an hour. With SculpSure you can save time and get back to your daily schedule even faster and without any downtime.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Both of these laser body contouring treatments reduce stubborn fat, but SculpSure melts the fat away with Thermolipolysis while CoolSculpting freezes fat with Cryolipolysis. Why freeze fat when you can melt it away?
  • COMFORT: Neither are considered to be uncomfortable, although CoolSculpting uses suction, so some tugging may be felt. SculpSure uses laser light technology, so the waves of heat along with a cooling applicator make for a more comfortable experience.
  • PERSONALIZATION: With four applicators that can be placed anywhere on the abdomen, flanks, and now the chin as well, SculpSure is a highly customizable way to reduce stubborn fat. With only one applicator designed a specific way, CoolSculpting has a more limited treatment area.

The SculpSure Difference: SculpSure vs. CoolSculpting

Simply compare the after photos of both treatments and we’re sure you’ll choose the right treatment for you. We offer double chin reduction with SculpSure for a non-invasive, comfortable experience that requires absolutely no downtime. This way, you can enhance your natural beauty and get right back to your busy schedule!

Call Dr. Marta Recasens today to learn more about reducing the appearance of double chins with SculpSure Neck!

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