FlexSure Body Contouring: Innovative Treatment

FlexSure™: The World’s 1st Body Contouring Treatment

Nov 01, 2021

Are you struggling to get your body in shape? Does your heart just shatter into pieces when you think of how you can deal with the love handles, the abdomen, and other areas that are difficult to treat? Have you tried FlexSure™ treatment near you? If you haven’t, you should make a point of visiting us at our medical spa in Glendale for this unique RF body contouring treatment.

Fat always seems to deposit in the unwanted areas and never desires to leave even after different treatments. For instance, a fat pocket under the chin may be annoying and usually gives you a double chin. However, gone are those days when such issues should bother you since we offer Kybella near you, a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that dissolves fat tissues in the chin through several injections.

Either way, are you curious about FlexSure? If so, let’s peer into what FlexSure treatment is all about.

What Is FlexSure By CyonSure?

Have you been contemplating how you can give your body the boost it needs so that you can look young again? Thanks to CynoSure, your search is over simply because this is a body contouring treatment with a flexible radiofrequency energy applicator.

The Radiofrequency (RF) energy applicator is uniquely designed to wrap around different body parts such as the thighs, buttocks, flanks, knees, and even abdomen, which have been difficult areas to treat. This is possible since the device is peel and stick to enable it to conform to any body part.

The applicator uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to deliver deep and even tissue heating that heats the skin to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time, usually 15 minutes. The therapeutic temperature that the applicator emits enables stimulates the skin to restructure and reproduce elastin and collagen, which are essential for healthy skin. Plus, heating the underlying tissue can cause it to contract, which comes with body contouring benefits.

After the treatment, you can see tighter skin and even a reduction in stretch marks and cellulite.

FlexSure treatment has been approved to treat selected medical conditions and can deal with muscle spasms, increase local circulation, and temporary pain relief.

Is FlexSure for You?

Yes, it is! The RF body contouring non-invasive treatment is appropriate for all skin types and tones. It is not BMI restricted, so you can use it without dreading that your BMI is too high, so the treatment won’t work. But bear in mind that FlexSure is not designed as a weight-loss treatment, just like all the other body contouring treatments.

However, you will need to have a word with our staff members at our medical spa in Glendale to help you determine whether this treatment will be effective in your situation.

What Can You Expect During FlexSure Treatment?

When you come to our medical spa, one of our staff members will prep the affected areas before adhering the peel and stick applicator to your skin. Then, using the device’s guided user interface, our provider will set the applicator to a specific temperature to obtain the optimum results suited for you.

The hands-free treatment will commence, and the RF applicator will emit heat, which will elevate the subdermal tissue temperature.

You can relax during the 15-minute session as your skin begins to feel warm. The session feels as though you are undergoing a gentle hot stone massage.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

The beautiful thing about FlexSure is that there is no downtime with this treatment. After treatment, you can go on with your day as though nothing has happened. There’s no pain, and there are no restrictions after the treatment.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about swelling or any other side effects, as with other body contouring treatments.

How Many FlexSure Sessions Do You Need to See Changes?

In most cases, you will need a series of treatments for about four to 10 weeks, translating to about three to five treatments. The duration of the treatment is dependent on your contour goals and the affected areas.

FlexSure vs. CoolSculpting

Most probably, you might be wondering whether to go for CoolSculpting or FlexSure since they are both non-surgical treatments that contour the body. Also, they are both FDA-approved treatments that have little to no downtime compared to the other liposuction methods. However, they use different mechanisms.

CoolSculpting employs cryolipolysis or freezing temperatures to achieve its goals, whereas FlexSure uses RF.

With FlexSure, your treatment time will be much shorter, and you will need multiple painless treatments since there is no pulling, numbness, tugging, and bruising associated with CoolSculpting. On the other hand, CoolSculpting uses a single applicator to a single targeted area at a time. It is limited to areas that can be pinched to enable the fat to be vacuumed into the applicator.

FlexSure is more versatile and doesn’t operate with the same restrictions as CoolSculpting.

Now that you know more about FlexSure, you can contact us at Marta Recansen’s MediSpa to schedule an appointment.

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