Everything You Should Know about Kybella Double Chin Treatment

Jun 01, 2021

Facial cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular in the 21st century, thanks to the significant growth witnessed in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Today, almost anything can be done to improve the appearance of your face and body. To take the perfect selfies, for example, you begin to worry about the firmness of your facial muscles. This begs the question; how can you get rid of your double chin?

Kybella treatment has become a go-to solution for many such patients seeking to get rid of their double chins. If this is you, it is important to learn as much as possible about Kybella near you, and whether it is fit for your face.

What Is Kybella?

It is a skincare treatment that involves using deoxycholic acid, otherwise present in the bile of the body, to help eliminate fat in your face. The treatment is administered in medical spas in Glendale in form of an injection, to destroy the fat cells in the targeted area of your body.

This chin treatment destroys the fat cell wall in your chin area, getting rid of the fat thereof, which causes a double chin appearance.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The Kybella Injection contains a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, to mimic what happens in your bile as to matters breaking down fats. To begin your treatment, the specialist will use a numbing cream to prepare your chin for the injection. The numbing will help ensure you are comfortable when the small injection picks your skin.

After the injection, the treatment will take about 4 to 6 weeks for you to start seeing the results. This treatment works incredibly for patients who prefer non-invasive measures and are opposed to methods like plastic surgery. However, you should expect some level of soreness for a few days after the treatment. This should wear off after a while. If you find the soreness unbearable, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen if needed, until you feel better.

Is One Treatment Enough?

In some cases, a single session of Kybella is all you need for improved results. However, it often takes one to four for the whole treatment. This will depend on your desired goals as communicated to your specialist, and how well your body responds to the injection. If therefore, you receive more than one treatment, they are usually performed 8-10 weeks apart. This allows for your doctor to check the progress of the initial injection before Administering another one. It also helps determine whether a repeat procedure is necessary for the kind of results you want.

What Are the Benefits of Kybella?

  1. Long-lasting results – once the injection administered the deoxycholic acid in your chin, it does not just break down the fat cells, but the walls thereof. This means that they are destroyed permanently. This area of your face, therefore, will not have new fat cells forming, which is why you will retain your results for a long time.
  2. It is less invasive – this treatment is nothing like getting plastic surgery to tighten the skin around your chin. Instead, it only involves an injection.
  3. You do not require general anesthesia – given that the treatment is non-surgical, you do not need to be unconscious during your treatment.
  4. It is FDA approved – if you are one to worry about safety, the Kybella treatment is considered safe by FDA, specifically for double chin treatment. For other areas of your body, however, you would need other body sculpting techniques to work effectively.

Is Kybella Effective?

Right after your infection, you may begin to worry whether or not the procedure was successful. With the goal being to get rid of your double chin, you are likely to doubt the results right after treatment. The reason is that your body will respond with inflammation in the area as healing commences. The swelling may make your chin look even bigger than it was. However, this should only last a few days. In about 3 days, the brushing and swelling in your chin area will wear off. In a few weeks, you should already begin to see changes in the appearance of your chin.

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