Battling the Bulge for Ages 50 and Up

Jul 31, 2018

Ladies, don’t let perimenopausal and menopausal weight gain get you down!

You’ve committed to years of healthy living. You eat consciously, you are active and healthy. Yet, as you celebrate another year of saying YES to wellness, you are frustrated and finding it harder to trim and tone certain areas.

We know it is not from lack of trying. As we age, fatty areas redistribute to areas that are more difficult to target and tone, regardless of diet and exercise. That is where our amazing technology comes in, SculpSure. In a 25 minute SculpSure session, we can target these tricky areas and destroy fat cells, permanently. The flexibility of the applicators and treatable areas allows us to strong arm those areas of fat, no matter how difficult they are to shrink with weights, cardio, and salad. They are simply no match for this state of the art laser technology.

Combine your Healthy Lifestyle with the power of SculpSure

This Mayo Clinic Article confirms that sometimes women in the 50+ age group need to step up their game in the Battle of the Bulge! Despite what the gimmicks say, there is no magic solution, but SculpSure is as close as you are going to get without a more invasive option, like liposuction.

The most noticeable results do require more than one treatment As each session strives to deliver an average of 24% fat reduction of the treated area, image what 3 treatments will do for you! A proper consultation with Dr. Marta Recasens, and a great value with a multi-pack treatment purchase will have you on your way to eliminating stubborn fat!

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Block Those Rays!

Um, hello?…we live in California. We know, it’s not easy, we are outdoor loving people, which is why we live here! But, the sun can be extremely harsh on your skin. Sun exposure can lead to long term damage on your skin and even small amounts will add up over time. If you do plan on being in the sun, protect yourself by staying in the shade, wearing a hat and sunglasses, use sunscreen and reapply often, and invest in light, UV protecting clothing. We are happy to give you skin care product recommendations at your consultation.

Eat to Make Your Skin Happy

Your diet plays a major role in the health of your skin. Many nutrients and ingredients in foods have been shown to improve your skin, and all your organs! Help protect skin and your eyesight with foods high in healthy fats and antioxidants. Do your research and make a conscious decision on what foods are best for your skin.

Drink Water, a Lot of Water

Drinking enough water daily is important to your overall health. It helps circulation, digestion and excretion. Water helps give your skin a healthy, and more radiant look. Your skin is a major organ and without water, your organs can’t function properly. Getting a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, will ultimately keep your skin healthy and keep up that glowing appearance that you’ve always wanted!

You’ve made the decision to fight the signs of aging, blast away stubborn fat, reduce sun damage, erase wrinkles and tighten loose skin, don’t waste your investment! Keep up with maintenance treatments and following the aftercare guidelines within your control. Let’s talk about minimizing exposure to the sun, your diet, drinking water, and using good products.

Use Good Products

Having a good skin care routine is crucial to your results and maintaining a healthy glow. Choosing the right products for your skin type is essential to your overall health. Dr. Marta Recasens offers multiple skin care treatments and can give you advice on what products will be best for your skin moving forward after your treatment!

By following the above tips, your skin will be glowing and healthy in no time! You can find out more about the types of skin care treatments we offer here!

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