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A Wonder-Shot To Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat

Mar 01, 2021

Do you know you can get that hot and sexy body you’ve been eyeing with a shot of the kybella injection?
That bulging belly, flabby arms, and double chin can be changed to a flat stomach, smart arm, and single chin in no time.
Read on to know more about Kybella’s wonder shot!

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a skincare procedure used to remove all unwanted and stubborn fat in a non-surgical way. It is a new and simple artificial treatment in which an injectable fluid is injected into a part of the body with unwanted fat; this substance then absorbs or dissolves this fat, making the body part firm.
The substance is called Deoxycholic acid, and it is produced naturally as bile acids in our stomach. The bile acids dissolve ingested fat, and kybella only burns/melts the fat present wherever it has been injected.

A lot of people do not understand that the presence of fat is not interdependent on only the lifestyle and diet of a person. Genetics has a lot to do with fat. Some families are obese because they have the genes of obesity, not just because they eat a lot of cholesterol-contained food.
If you have isolated pockets of fat in your body, the kybella shot can be used to remove it.

The kybella shot can be given anywhere In the body; however, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority permits that it only be used for chin reduction. Some surgeons give the shots anywhere in the body, although the patient involved goes through a rigorous consent process. This is done to prevent sanctions.

Major body parts usually Injected with kybella include:

  • The chin
  • The arm
  • Middle of the back
  • Chest area
  • Around the belly button
  • The thighs

It is important to reiterate that the FDA approves the use of kybella only on the chin.

How It Works

A pain-numbing anesthetic is administered before the procedure.
When you’re injected beneath your skin by a physician,
First, there’s a chemical reaction in the area injected, which is an immediate breaking down of fatty acids by the substance injected. At least 30 shots of deoxycholic acid are given.
One downside to this is that depending on the amount of fat to be removed; you may need to have more than four sessions of these shots. And there is a need for at least one month between these sessions.
Significant changes become visible after the 2-3rd session.

Benefits of Kybella

Using the kybella injectable has several benefits.

  • Very low invasion: There’s is no need to go under the knife, and there’s no fear of being surgically opened and operated on.
  • Quick and deliberate: With kybella, the physicians determine the right dosage and solutions. The procedure takes very little time because the physicians know the exact soot they’re working on.
  • Youthful look: With a firm chin, you end up looking younger than your age with a redefined jawline.
  • Long-lasting: The results of dissolving fat in a localized area are permanent. The stubborn tissue will be dissolved forever.

Before we list the adverse effects of this wonder-shot, we must tell you that if you have undergone surgery in the spot where the fat packet is, you must notify your physician before getting the shot.
Other circumstances include pregnancy, allergy to deoxycholic acid, and a history of blood clotting and thyroid disorder.

Bottom line

Kybella has not been around as long as other improved surgical fat removal procedures. However, with research ongoing, we believe with time, kybella shots would improve.
To know more about dissolving unwanted fats in your body, contact your physician for the best options for you that are in tune with your budget and the goals you have set for your body.

Say goodbye to that stubborn unwanted fat, double chin, bulging belly, and low self-esteem today.visit medical spa in Glendale for your kybella injection.

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