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Battling the Bulge for Ages 50 and Up

Ladies, don't let perimenopausal and menopausal weight gain get you down! You've committed to years of healthy living. You eat consciously, you are active and healthy. Yet, as you celebrate another year of saying YES to wellness, you are frustrated and finding it harder to trim and tone certain areas. We know it is not from lack of trying. As we age, fatty areas redistribute to areas that are more difficult to target and tone, regardless of diet and exercise. That is where [...]

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Anti-Aging Aftercare Guidelines

After you have made the decision to fight off signs of aging, blast away stubborn fat, reduce sun damage or tighten loose skin, it’s important to remember the aftercare guidelines. You’ve invested your time and money and no one ever wants to see that go to waste! We’ve compiled a few helpful tips for you to follow in order to maintain your treatments and show off your new look! Block Those Rays! Um, hello?...we live in California. We know, it’s not easy, we [...]

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